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Membership fees are suspended:

All membership fees have been suspended until March 2018 when the Executive Team will review membership structure.

This is an opportunity for South Molton businesses to join free of charge for a limited period.

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Events from 2017

Be extraordinary not ordinary 6th July @ Eaton Aerospace Limited

Eaton, one of the largest employers in our area, generously made South Molton Business Association very welcome at their premises on Pathfields.

After an  introduction and insight into the ethos and working practices of Eaton we were handed over to Janet Phillips, Director of ‘anew South West‘, who delivered her presentation on:

Customer Service – Be extraordinary not ordinary!

In brief, the interactive session, showed how the culture of a business is reflected in the way it handles communication to the general public, inter company liaison and business to business transactions. It was pointed out that empowering staff from the bottom up (in a company structure) enables a more cohesive representation of ‘the brand’ in the public’s perception of a product and / or company. Read more...

SMBA would like to thank Janet and Eaton Aerospace Limited for a successful evening and for also giving us an opportunity to network with members and friends in a different business environment.

We were delighted that our meeting in June was hosted by Paddy Wallace at Quince Honey Farm on Thursday 8th June 2017.


The honey tasted marvellous…

Now one of the leading honey farms in Britain, Quince Honey Farm is a family run business, first established in 1949 by Paddy’s father, George. Paddy shared with us, the history of the farm, how it has developed over the years and plans for the future as one of North Devon’s key tourist attractions. Paddy also discussed the highs and lows of running the business and the challenges that have been overcome along the way and how the Link Road diverted the tourist traffic away from the centre of South Molton, consequently influencing the decisions being made now to safeguard the future of their business. Read more…

By working together we can build and expand to help make South Molton more vital to the economy of Devon.

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South Molton is one of the largest towns in North Devon and a focal point for the surrounding 32 parishes. The remit of the SMBA is to promote investment in the town and surrounding parishes, encourage commercial growth and prosperity for the business community and general populace as a whole. SMBA aims to be a positive and inclusive Association representing businesses and businesspeople from all sectors; one that works closely with other bodies and organisations currently promoting the area and providing services to the local community.

The Association is also a lobbying group, giving the business community an effective voice across both the private and public sectors.

SMBA are currently seeking views from members and non members as how best the Association can meet its aims and support members and we would be delighted to hear your views too. Take our survey…

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