Do we have a choice for our Business Banking?

With the pending disappearance of another bank from our high street, legitimate banking options for cash based companies is dwindling. It is fair to say that the need for cash and cheques is disappearing, we can pay with our credit / debit cards or via an app on our phone in the majority of shops in South Molton. However, what about the small company or the sole trader? The cost of some electronic card payment plans are prohibitive and receiving ‘micro payments’ are not an option.

Let’s create our own bank or create an alternative currency. Local Businesses need to get control back someway…

The loss of another high street bank not only causes inconvenience for smaller businesses, it removes the choice from business banking options.

The options outlined below by Nat West for alternative methods of making transactions and gaining advise or questioning day to day banking issues falls short in reality. We have all spent hours trying to contact our bank via phone to resolve simple issues – speaking to a  person in a local branch can not only prove to be time saving but it encourages a two way respect between a business and a bank.

Will the Post Office be our last option or is that going to be Custer’s Last Stand?

Below is part of a statement from Nat West:

“Our world is changing rapidly, with people relying more and more on technology in all aspects of their life. Shopping, booking a holiday online has become the norm for many. Banking is no different and many of our customers are looking for and using more convenient ways to bank. Between 2010 and 2015, mobile and online transactions have increased by over 400% and mobile transactions alone have increased by 1,350%. As a result of this change, we have seen the number of transactions in these branches declining by between 13% and 40% since 2011 and between 49% and 88% of the branch customers are actively choosing to use our digital banking options. We are following the Access to Banking standards and we have made the decision after careful consideration of a wide range of factors, including regular branch usage and the alternative ways our customers can bank with us. We provide a range of alternative ways to bank, tailored to the needs of our communities and reflective of the way our customers live their lives. These include:

Online and mobile: we are committed to educating customers on how to how them securely and simply.

Telephony: our customers can contact us over the phone, via web-chat and social media. Our contact centres are open 24/7 and teams are trained to answer almost every query at first point of contact.

Post Office: We have a national agreement with the Post Office, the closest is between 0.3 and 0.88 miles away from the branches so that our customers can pay money in, take money out, check balances and business customers can get coinage.

ATMs: There are a number free to use ATMs within 3 miles of each branch.

Mobile branch: We are introducing a mobile branch service to communities and we will be engaging with our customers and the local community to understand the best day and time for the mobile branch to visit.

Community Banker: based in the community and surrounding areas, to provide our customers with personal assistance in accessing the right banking options for their needs.

TechXperts: based in the branch until it closes, our experts will offer training and support with digital skills, as well as fraud and scams education and protection.”

Branch and Closure Dates for Nat West customers in Devon

Axminster               30/05/2018

Bideford                29/05/2018

Crediton                06/06/2018

Dartmouth               11/06/2018

Exeter University       14/06/2018

Ilfracombe              18/06/2018

Okehampton             31/05/2018

Sidmouth               27/06/2018

South Molton            25/06/2018

Teignmouth              28/06/2018

Totnes                  21/05/2018

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