Let’s demolish the centre of South Molton #ndevon #southmolton

quince_honeyOur meeting in June was hosted by Paddy Wallace at Quince Honey Farm on Thursday 8th June 2017

Now one of the leading honey farms in Britain, Quince Honey Farm is a family run business, first established in 1949 by Paddy’s father, George. Paddy shared with us, the history of the farm, how it has developed over the years and plans for the future as one of North Devon’s key tourist attractions. Paddy also discussed the highs and lows of running the business and the challenges that have been overcome along the way and how the Link Road diverted the tourist traffic away from the centre of South Molton, consequently influencing the decisions being made now to safeguard the future of their business.quince_honey_2

One of the most interesting thoughts and ideas that came out of the evening was the idea of totally redesigning and creatively bulldozing the centre of the main street to return it back to how it was. For over sixty years the “enhancement” in the centre of South Molton was used as a car park until it was  replaced in the early 1980’s by the present paved ‘waste of space’. This in many respects sounds outrageous but if you think about it the road would be widened and ‘passing trade’ would be encouraged, with the increase in short term parking. If the building that houses the chemists was also demolished the ‘High Street’ would be extended down towards the Petrol Station.  Marlborough was an example of how this would look and work as an example.

The honey tasted marvellous…

Thanks again to ‘The Honey Farm’  for a really entertaining and informative evening.

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